”“If there were a rumor that Mercedes or Daimler planned to start building smartphones then [Apple] would not be sleepless at night. And the same applies to me,”

Daimler AG 会長の Dieter Zetsche が、Appleが開発中とされる自動車 iCar について、「我々がスマートフォンを作りはじめたとしても、相手は不眠症になることはないだろう」とコメントしたそうだ。【cultofmac】



”Today’s video is one of the first to show the van’s interior while in operation, where at least one passenger can be seen interacting with a small handheld device thought to be an iPad mini. The footage fails to show the tablet’s screen, but it can be assumed that the device connects with onboard testing or surveying equipment as a data reader or command and control module. As seen in the video, the driver quickly hides the device from view when alerted to the camera’s presence.【appleinsider】

Appleが開発を進めているされる自動車関連の新しいプロジェクト Titan、街中を走行するミニバンの目撃情報がちらほら出てきた中で、ミニバンの中で iPad mini ともう一つ未知の携帯端末を操作するのが動画で撮影された。撮影に気づき、さっと隠してたようなので、何か新しいデバイスの可能性がある。

Appleが iCar で自動車産業へ


”According to the publication’s sources, Apple has hundreds of employees working to design an Apple-branded minivan-like electric vehicle under the code name Project Titan. The large size of the team indicates that the company is serious about the project, but it’s possible that Apple may not go through with plans to create a car despite its current research efforts. 【macrumors】