iOS 8.3β2 に300種類の新しい絵文字


”Apple paved the way for racially diverse emoji to come to the Mac two week ago, and now with the release of iOS 8.3 beta 2, Apple has added access to 300 new emoji for iPad and iPhone users.【cultofmac】

Appleは、開発中のiOS 8.3β2版にこれまでにないほど多くの新しい絵文字を追加、iPad iPhone で使える絵文字の数は300種類も用意されているそうだ。


”With iOS 8.3 beta 2 Apple now allows users to choose between five different skin tones for 60 different emoji. Switching between the different skin tones is just as easy as adding an accent mark to letters: simply press and hold an emoji to reveal the the entire palette of color options.